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Monday, 20 March 2017

Little Letters | Monday Edition

I was catching up on blogs yesterday, reading lots of old favourites and discovering new ones. I forgot how much I loved doing that. How awesome it is to connect with people with lives so different than mine, and how wonderful it is to be an audience to their innermost thoughts and moments that make them who they are. All of a sudden I am 13 again and blogging for the first time, wanting a small place of the internet to make her own.

Little Letters is an ongoing feature of Love Taza. It's exactly what it sounds like - a random list of mini letters. At least mine are a bit random. Plus, we all know how much I LOVE LISTS.  So here we go.

Dear Monday,

We all know Sunday will probably always be my favourite day but you've been consistently great lately. Today brought good food and company, insightful long chats with colleagues you've never really talked to about goals and the meaning of life and all that. And now I'm writing this after taking a quick dinner break (while watching The Mindy Project. Again.), music blasting. I don't even mind that I have to do some more overtime work tonight.

Dear Night Glow,

I'm excited for you like a kid on Christmas day. For real.

Dear Autumn,

I love you. I love how cold it gets in the morning and I don't even mind the little bit of sunshine (big call considering how much I hate Summer lol). Please stay.

Dear Dido,

Thank you for writing thank you. Such a classic. It's also making me want to write soooo baaaad.

Dear Dilwin,

Thank you for visiting me yesterday and sharing all your amazing adventures with me.  We had a moment yesterday afternoon that felt like a scene straight out of Girls (Season 1 when it was still good lol). You were telling me all about your travels, of worlds I could only dream of existing and the opulence and sheer glamour of it. You in my dirty carpeted floor, me in bed lying down captivated by your stories. You live the most colorful life and always inspire me to live a colorful one myself. I'm grateful for that.

Dear Tiffany & Co,

My family and I had a blast taking photos outside your building a few weekends ago while eating gelato from Milse. Thanks for that!

Dear blog,

I really missed you. I miss writing for myself and just actually getting the thoughts out in my head. I'm gonna try harder this time. Promise.

Dear Naomi,

Your blog is one of my favourites! Thanks for letting me steal little letters. You rule xo

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  1. Dear Jess,

    I love reading this and I can not wait for Tuesday.
    Much love xx