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The short of it AKA when you haven't read the book but there's a quiz and you need the summary notes version:

Storyteller. Magazine editor turned actor/TV host.  Flower lover. Recipient of the City Council’s 30 under 30 award for Arts and Culture. Eternal optimist. Pasta eater. Candle lighter. Writer. Fairytale believer.

I write for Kimberley Crossman and ThreadNZ.

Currently based in New Zealand, but sometimes mentally living in other places I call home like LA and Manila with my hypothetical cat, Ziggy Stardust.

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The long-winded and semi-detailed account AKA when you're bored and have time to read something long so settle in with a cup of tea and let's get into it version:


For years I struggled to find a word that summarised who I was, who I am, and who I wanted to be in this world. It wasn’t until early 2016 when I was grieving the loss of Blacklisted, a print magazine where I served as managing editor for a few years, that I finally found the word. It’s funny what you rediscover about yourself when you’ve hit rock bottom. Who am I without my editor title? Who am I without my magazine?


There it was again. A word I have loved for years, but I didn’t realise how much I identified with it until I began to dig deeper.


I have dabbled with storytelling all my life. I did plays in the living room that I forced my parents to watch (thank goodness this was the 90s and social media wasn’t a thing yet!).  10 year old me loved words and pretty pictures and wanted to be a magazine editor. 12 year old me wanted to be an actor. 16 year old me wrote short stories and character charts in her maths notebook instead of learning Trigonometry. 19 year old me hosted a primetime radio show on Fevah FM’s Drive Show. 21 year old me became a magazine editor and cried when she saw her magazine on the shelves of her favourite mag shop for the first time. The same year I wrote a letter to parliament that somehow went viral and became a news headline. 23 year old me spoke in so many public events, from sold out crowds of a few hundreds, to keynote speaking at a well-known private school’s Arts Awards. 25 year old me played a volcano victim in New Zealand’s longest running (and well-loved) TV shows, hosted a national TV show and got to say the words she never ever thought she’d say – “I’m Jess Molina and this is my neighbourhood” MTV cribs style.

26 year old me is still telling stories – working in corporate by day as part of a Digital Engagement Team and telling stories through social media for several brands, writing a fiction novel, producing and acting in an upcoming webseries, contributing for various sites like Kiwi/Hollywood actress Kim Crossman’s website and ThreadNZ, alongside other publications (still embargoed but this is one of my biggest dreams and I cannot wait to share!) locally and internationally.
Then there’s the being a chronic over sharer on the internet part. I’ve been blogging since I was 13, long before blogging was even a thing. I’ve been in every platform possible – LiveJournal, Xanga, Multiply, Friendster, Typepad – you name it, I have an account on it.

Which brings us back here. The first time I ever published a blog, I remember thinking how cool it was to have a little corner on the internet just for me. My thoughts, my experiences, the things I like, the person I currently was. An online diary of some sorts. That was the main reason why I started blogging in the first place. Long before the obvious perks, the freebies, the invites to fun events, there was just me – a bedroom blogger writing from her bed, owning a piece of the internet and filling it up with content just for her.

Years later and that still hasn’t changed. This blog is about people, places, things, and thoughts. For the things I love, the clothes I wear, the clothes I wish I could wear. The stuff I put on my face. My favourite song and what I ate for breakfast, or how I felt on a Tuesday when it felt like the end of the world as I knew it.

So far I’ve been really fortunate to only work with brands that I love and use, to continuously be building a small but highly engaged community based on trust and respect, and to be able to tell stories from my point of view.  So shoutout to 13 year old me who had the foresight to sign up to a blog platform, even though she probably had a really embarrassing email address You are a true visionary of our time. Present me is grateful and indebted to you. And we are only just getting started.

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  1. I remember back in High School. You designed a lot of the stuff that you wore. You were so proud and free and it was a lovely thing to behold. And now. Maaang. Just. I love your blog, Jess. Keep at it, you rad ladyyy.