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Monday, 17 June 2013


I know what you're thinking. Yes, it is a word. No, I did not just type random letters in hope that my header would make sense. I've always had "Bibbiddibobiddiboo" as my header for most of my online accounts. I get asked about it a lot, and I'm surprised that hardly anyone gets the reference.

When I was younger my mum said I would watch Cinderella on VHS repeatedly everyday. I guess even at a young age, I've always been a hopeless romantic who believed in magic and happy endings. This is exactly why I am drawn to this bibbiddibobiddiboo.

This is the scene in Cinderella when her fairygodmother rescued her. Bibbiddibobiddiboo was being chanted when Cinderella, and everything around her, was transformed. This is the part where the magic happens, where everything changed for her. It's almost as if the mantra in itself holds such power.

Which leads me back to why this. . . I am convinced that the meaning of life is to experience something magical. I am here because I want to be inspired, to inspire, to do things, to experience, to create, to live, and most of all to feel something. This is why I am seeking a Great Perhaps (more on that later). So for now I am looking forward to this new chapter, to this adventure that will take me to the wildest of dreams and imagination, to where I want to be standing, to infinity and beyond. 

So here's to that great adventure we all know as life. Here's to what lies ahead. All together now. . . Bibbiddibobiddiboo!

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