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. Monday, 3 September 2018 .

We kissed toxic goodbye at the launch of Nude by Nature's 100% Natural Lip Collection back in August (lmao I love that I'm saying this like August was ages ago. It's September 3, girl. Calm down!) and honestly everything was so pretty that I took about a zillion photos and my poor phone ran out of storage after.

It was the highlight of my day - so much so that I accidentally put too much highlight on prior to the event. What happened was that the lights came off in the office while I was getting ready (they're sensor lights and it was night time) and my Uber was on its way and I really didn't want to lug my bulky make-up kit so I just kept applying highlight in the dark because I'm the type of idiot to do something like this. It wasn't until I was at the event, under the beautiful ring light, that I noticed while I was taking a selfie. Safe to say no selfie made it to this post.

Moving right along...

This was my first introduction to the brand so it's all very exciting! I've seen them around at Farmers but have never tried it myself until recently. At the launch, we got to take home three lip products of our choice and I was buzzing all the way home because we even got to pick which ones we wanted.

What's different about this lipstick collection is that it's free from chemicals like carmine, petroleum waxes, coal dar tyes, or any synthetics. 100% natural ingredients and cruelty free. To be honest I've never been one to pay attention to what my lipsticks are made of and learning a bit more about these harmful ingredients at the launch were a bit disconcerting. I'm definitely more mindful of this now - especially since lip products are the ones we are more likely to ingest. 

I've been testing these out for the last two weeks because I am that homegirl who wants to make sure that I've tested something out thoroughly in order to give a fair and honest review. You know I love a lippie so luckily this 'job' was something I happily took on. Thank you Nude by Nature for gifting me this collection ahead of the launch. So let's get into it...


This is the lipstick that made my mum slide into my DM's - Nude by Nature's Moisture Shine Lipstick in 08 Garnet. First, a bit of context: mum loves anything that looks natural on the lips. Nothing too red or pink or nude. Nothing too glittery or matte or too sheer. She's kind of a fussy lipstick lover and she's forever on a hunt for the perfect lipstick for her very specific taste.

She asked me about the lipstick again IRL the next day and was very excited to see what it was! I, on the otherhand, took a bit longer to warm up to it. On the tube it looks very red, but on me it looks a bit copper/orangey. I've never done orange before so this was a bit out of my comfort zone! 

Then there's the formulation. They weren't kidding with the moisture shine part - this lippy is very hyrdrating and gives a bit of shine. I think the reason why it took me a bit to get used to the lippy on me was not only the orange-y tone on me, but the fact that I've never worn something quite like it in terms of formula. I'm used to either matte or sheer, highly pigmented or barely there. I feel this lipstick combines the best of both worlds. I do find that my favourite way to wear this is by gently dabbing it on my lips for a bit of colour. It looks so natural and slightly undone and I'm 100% here for it. 

Next up is the Moisture Infusion Lipgloss in 08 Violet Pink. Now this was love at first sight! I'm forever on the hunt for good lip glosses and find that I always struggle because most of the product that are out in the market are either too sticky or too drying for me. I also love the shimmer in gloss kind of look but don't want to look like my pre-teen self in one. This has the right amount of shimmer and tack, with the nicest subtle colour for my skin tone.

I tried the Defining Lip Pencil in 02 Blush Nude two ways - alone and under the gloss. I'm super impressed with how creamy it is! I find that most liners get a bit too 'pencil-y' and drying (as much as I love Chanel, their lip pencils are quite drying and hard to apply!) but this one is so nice! It reminds me of the Kylie liners in terms of formulation, minus the chemicals and poorly made product design. This was good enough to use as a little nude lip with a smokey eye and it actually lasted me quite well considering I drink a lot of water throughout the day. This also works wonderfully under the lip gloss and does a great job at holding it in place.

I loved that they had the launch at Whitespace! The gallery was transformed into all these colours inspired by the lipstick collection and they had make-up artists on hand to help us pick a shade and tell us more about the products.

What makes a launch truly memorable for me are always the little details that make it extra special like the mocktails being inspired by the collections different shades, the DJ spinning good tunes at 6 pm on a Tuesday (honestly I love it and really wanted to dance but stopped myself at the very last minute) and the friendly people who are waiting at the door with the warmest smile. It really makes such a difference!

Thank you Nude by Nature and Bare PR for having me! My mum also thanks you for introducing me to the brand - particularly the lipstick - because now she has another shade to 'borrow' off me.

Nude by Nature's 100% Natural Lip Collection is available online from today! The lipstick will set you back a very reasonable $22.95, lip pencil is $16.95, and the lip gloss is $21.95. The perfect treat that's luxurious and affordable at the same time.

Photos of the launch by Ben Loris Blair.

. Thursday, 30 August 2018 .

There’s a line from the song “Glorious” by Macklemore used in the trailer for the movie – ‘the world is up for grabs’ – and you know what? For the first time in my life, for the people who look like I do, it truly feels like it is.

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. Sunday, 12 August 2018 .

One of the reasons why I started publishing my goals for the month here - on such a public platform that anyone can see - is because I wanted to keep myself accountable. I've read it in countless articles. Apparently if you say it out loud/post about it/tell someone about it you're more likely to do it. I don't know, but you know I love reading articles that tell you how to smash a goal sooooo.

But it appears I am once again the exception to such secrets of success. Despite putting my goals out there, I'm disappointed to see that I didn't really achieve any of them last month. July was a crazy month! It was a time of grieving after losing someone close to me suddenly and unexpectedly. Work was ridiculously busy and I had done so much travel in one week, 3 plane rides in 24 hrs (one was a 20 minute plane ride and it was such a lovely way to start the morning tbh) kinda busy. Planning for unexpected overseas trips. Visitors from overseas. Also the blood moon brought on so much realisations all of a sudden. It's like I woke up one day and saw with crystal clarity the things that are blocking me and what isn't working in my life and the things that I need to let go of (even though I didn't want to yet. I was in resistance, yo). So. Much. Going. On.

I was so goddamn exhausted. I still am, to be honest. But now that the Brisbane trip is done, I feel like maybe things are calming down a bit. I just need to get back into a schedule, start sleeping at a regular time and not waking up at odd hours, eat better, and take some time out for me. Today was the first day I've had in ages to sleep in (I woke up at 8 though sooooo) and not really do anything or meet with anyone. I went for a leisurely supermarket shop, cooked a very delicious Sunday seafood fest, cleaned my room AND exfoliated! I am writing you this from the comforts of my bed where the sheets are fresh and my skin is smooth as hell and smells like coffee (Thanks, Frank).

July has shaken and awakened me. God. I'm still processing a lot of the things. But can the records also reflect that even though I didn't smash my goals for the month, I did notice that I started wearing lipstick a lot more? Not daily like I had planned, but I've definitely been more conscious about using my lipstick collection and have found myself reaching for colours I haven't worn in ages. Progress, am I right?

But it hasn't been all that bad. My high school bestfriend Lissy visited New Zealand with her family and we had a fantastic weekend catching up and exploring and eating yummy food. My tax refund came through (s/o to my accountant! I honestly didn't think I'd have a refund this year so this was a very lovely surprise). Loads of air plane rides which I really love. Catching up with friends. Celebrating my little brother's birthday with a dinner party and cooking with friends.

Full on but necessary.

I've got a lot of work to do. Inner work, outer work. I've started letting go of things and people and beliefs that I didn't realise was holding me back. I'm no longer resisting these changes. I'm carving out time to dream again. The great thing about this letting go of things business is that all of a sudden I've got free headspace again. I'm not distracted and can start making space for what I love again. Thanks for the whirlwind, July! I feel like we've made peace with each other now x