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. Sunday, 12 August 2018 .

One of the reasons why I started publishing my goals for the month here - on such a public platform that anyone can see - is because I wanted to keep myself accountable. I've read it in countless articles. Apparently if you say it out loud/post about it/tell someone about it you're more likely to do it. I don't know, but you know I love reading articles that tell you how to smash a goal sooooo.

But it appears I am once again the exception to such secrets of success. Despite putting my goals out there, I'm disappointed to see that I didn't really achieve any of them last month. July was a crazy month! It was a time of grieving after losing someone close to me suddenly and unexpectedly. Work was ridiculously busy and I had done so much travel in one week, 3 plane rides in 24 hrs (one was a 20 minute plane ride and it was such a lovely way to start the morning tbh) kinda busy. Planning for unexpected overseas trips. Visitors from overseas. Also the blood moon brought on so much realisations all of a sudden. It's like I woke up one day and saw with crystal clarity the things that are blocking me and what isn't working in my life and the things that I need to let go of (even though I didn't want to yet. I was in resistance, yo). So. Much. Going. On.

I was so goddamn exhausted. I still am, to be honest. But now that the Brisbane trip is done, I feel like maybe things are calming down a bit. I just need to get back into a schedule, start sleeping at a regular time and not waking up at odd hours, eat better, and take some time out for me. Today was the first day I've had in ages to sleep in (I woke up at 8 though sooooo) and not really do anything or meet with anyone. I went for a leisurely supermarket shop, cooked a very delicious Sunday seafood fest, cleaned my room AND exfoliated! I am writing you this from the comforts of my bed where the sheets are fresh and my skin is smooth as hell and smells like coffee (Thanks, Frank).

July has shaken and awakened me. God. I'm still processing a lot of the things. But can the records also reflect that even though I didn't smash my goals for the month, I did notice that I started wearing lipstick a lot more? Not daily like I had planned, but I've definitely been more conscious about using my lipstick collection and have found myself reaching for colours I haven't worn in ages. Progress, am I right?

But it hasn't been all that bad. My high school bestfriend Lissy visited New Zealand with her family and we had a fantastic weekend catching up and exploring and eating yummy food. My tax refund came through (s/o to my accountant! I honestly didn't think I'd have a refund this year so this was a very lovely surprise). Loads of air plane rides which I really love. Catching up with friends. Celebrating my little brother's birthday with a dinner party and cooking with friends.

Full on but necessary.

I've got a lot of work to do. Inner work, outer work. I've started letting go of things and people and beliefs that I didn't realise was holding me back. I'm no longer resisting these changes. I'm carving out time to dream again. The great thing about this letting go of things business is that all of a sudden I've got free headspace again. I'm not distracted and can start making space for what I love again. Thanks for the whirlwind, July! I feel like we've made peace with each other now x

. Wednesday, 8 August 2018 .

The Spy Who Dumped Me is the kind of movie you watch on a movie night with the gals or a great pick for a date night flick (or both? Fuck the rules tbh). It’s got a bit of everything for everyone – strong, female leads (Kate McKinnon is my queen and I want to be her or if I can't be her, at least be her best friend. Is this too much to ask?), action-packed scenes for all you adrenaline junkies, thirsty baes, cute #fashun, and enough excitement to keep you on the edge of your seat for all 2 hours of its running time.

This week was off to a great start because of this film! I went along to the media screening on Monday night with my friend James and it was a hoot. I loved the confetti and the photobooth even though when I got home afterwards there was confetti in places where there shouldn't be confetti.... But I had a blast even though I wasn't sure if it was my kind of movie in the first place.

Was it gorier than I expected? Yes. Yes it was. There were scenes that I had to cover my eyes from because I don’t want to see that. Did Kate McKinnon deserve better as this article has pointed out? Yes, she does. She deserves the world TBH. I would have loved to see her character be fleshed out more than just the support to Mila Kunis’ lead. She played the cliché best friend role – funny, empowering, and “a little too much” and her story arc could have been better. She did have her moments and was responsible for some of the funniest scenes in the film.

Did I enjoy the film? Yes. Would I watch it again? Yes.

Let's preempt this 'review' by saying that I'm not a film critic. My taste in films are actually quite basic and I tend to veer towards a certain genre and not branch out when it comes to movies I watch. My measure of how good a film is, is if I'd watch it again.

Think about it - there are so many films made in this world and a lifetime wouldn't be enough to watch it all - so isn't this a great way to measure a film? Whether we'd watch it again or not?

Also can I just point out that this is the first I've heard of Sam Heughan because I probably live under a rock (jk I'm in New Zealand) so when I, umm, extensively researched him after the film, I was so surprised that he was well-known! 1 mill follower count, even. Perhaps I need to start watching Outlander?

I left the cinema after watching The Spy Who Dumped Me more empowered than I did after seeing Amy Schumer's I Feel Pretty a few months ago. For all it's flaws, what The Spy Who Dumped Me showed me is that there is space for real sisterhood in movies, for women to exist in a film where they both shine and are not pitted against each other, and that women can be badass spies without sacrificing their femininity!

The Spy Who Dumped Me opens in New Zealand on August 9, 2018. Thanks Undertow Media and Roadshow for having us!

. Sunday, 8 July 2018 .

Ok. It doesn't feel like a month has gone by since I last wrote one of these. How is it July?! J U L Y! Halfway through 2018 and it feels like I'm nowhere close to where I was planning to be this year yet so much has happened. I don't know. It feels strange but also kind of really exciting! The past few weeks have been really intense for me but that's a story for another time.

Today is the first lazy Sunday - or lazy day even - in weeks. Last month I said I was starting to feel a bit more grounded and settled and the month was shaping up to be the same. Famous last words, eh? June was hectic and intense and overwhelming and I honestly hope this month is better. Maybe the calm after chaos? We'll see.

Here's what I've got on my mind for the month:

01. Get back into routines. This was also a goal last month and one I definitely did not achieve. Actually, I don't think I achieved any of the goals I set myself last month. Oh well. But this one I want to try again! I want to sleep early and feel well-rested so I can get up on time in the morning and not rush, stumble, and stress my way into making it to work on time. I want to feel a bit more settled and I know I tend to feel this way when I've got my routines in tact. So I'm prioritising my evening and morning routines this month, starting tonight with a little home spa I've got planned. I went a bit crazy at Mecca last Friday after an exhausting week so let's just say shower time is currently my favourite time because of all my new goodies.

02. Wear lipstick everyday. Okay, so this one seems a bit frivolous to put as a monthly goal but hear me out! I recently gave mum my vanity desk so now all my make-up have been displaced and scattered around my room. I didn't realise I am the proud owner of a fuck ton of lipstick (and make-up) yet most days I leave the house with only lip balm on. WHY?! So because I'm lazy and slowly starting to accept the fact that I'm never going to be one of those people who go out in public looking groomed and decent, I thought that I could at least put lipstick on and feel more put together. It takes the least effort to apply, I already have a lot of them, so why not? So hello July and hello to all my lipsticks! I love you all, really.

03. Cook more. I'm the first to admit that my diet lately has been atrocious. It's the first to go when busy or overwhelmed, and I tend to reach for what's convenient. And as we know what's convenient isn't necessarily the best option out there. So for this month, I'd love more homecooked meals. Hosted a few friends and family last night for my brother's birthday and spent the day making meatballs. I love how the process literally forces you to slow down. The process is quite intensive, but it was SO fun to make them! Even though by the end of it, I was starving and couldn't wait to finally eat. So more conscious eating daily. And not skipping breakfast.

04. Get rid of crap. Like. My flat is bursting at the seams with stuff. All kinds of stuff! Some of these I've outgrown, some I just haven't found homes for yet. But still it's full of stuff I don't need. I want to curate every material possession I own and make sure I only hold on to the ones I truly love. So this is a big goal and it will probably take me the whole month to complete too! Also in order to make this happen, I know I need to put in the work and block out dedicated time to do this and not be lazy or make excuses. So yes. She's a big job but one that absolutely need to happen soon!

05. Hug and kiss my family before bed every night. One thing June has really taught me is that we never know how much time we have so it's important to take every single opportunity to live out loud, take chances, put yourself out there, and cherish all the moments with people you love. I'm lucky to be close to my family and see them everyday. It's about time I start living accordingly!

I hope July brings you love, magic, and moments that make you feel alive. But most of all I hope this month gives you the motivation and belief to make it happen. Whatever your 'it' may be. Forever cheering you on! Happy Sunday x