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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Serendipitous Meetings in Hotel Elevators

I was wearing this shade of lipstick when this happened:

There I was on cloud nine after the most perfect day. I was in the middle of my midyear staycation and I was in full-on relaxation mode. I started the day with room service and a cup of tea with my wake up call, I had my hair done at Dry & Tea Britomart, lunch and cocktails at Ortolana, bought the most gorgeous dresses at Juliet Hogan, and had so much fun with one of Bobbi Brown's senior make-up artists where she worked her magic on me. I remember it being the day I tried the smokey eye look for the first time! 

But my most anticipated activity for that day was the Bourjois Paris Launch Event! I was really excited to hear more about the brand as a lot of my friends are always raving about their Bourjois products. The event was lovely - we were treated with macarons and champagne followed a presentation of Bourjois and it's history. I didn't realise they were one of the world's make-up pioneers and it felt great to support a brand that has been empowering women for decades. 

The best part was when we got to try the products. They had a really gorgeous display of new products that were coming out, and I had so much fun having a play with them. I was immediately drawn to their Rouge Edition Velvet liquid lipsticks. They had a 'red in the city' display with all their new shades and being such a big fan of lip products, I was swatching them like crazy! With the encouragement of Coty ANZ's Marketing Director Monique Smith who gave me Jolie-de-vin to try, I was on my merry way to see one of the make-up artists that were at the launch to help me apply the lipstick.

And it was love at first sight! I love a good red and this one had everything I wanted in a red lipstick. It was on the darker side of the shade and the formula is so pigmented that one swipe was more than enough for the colour to appear on my lips. It was perfect. Imagine my heartbreak when I realised that the product wasn't going to be released in New Zealand until December as it's part of their special range. So with another swipe of it, I hurriedly made note of the number and shade on my phone before helping myself to another macaron (#hungryblogger #freefood #dontjudgeme). I spent the rest of the afternoon talking to the other bloggers in attendance, putting faces to usernames I've followed for a while, and meeting new people.

Happy, slightly buzzed, running on a sugar and lipstick high, I took me and my red lips back to the hotel. Taking a taxi back to the hotel at rush hour was probably one of the best worst decisions of my life. The 6 minute ride took 20, and you can just imagine how much it cost me. The driver was lovely and he said today was really slow for him, so I tipped him extra, happy to have just had the most wonderful day and wanting to spread a bit of that happiness around too. 

So there I was, walking through the doors of The Langham when I saw him. He was nicely dressed in a navy suit, his shoes polished and shiny. He looked like he was there on business, and his messy long-ish dark blonde hair made him look corporate but still creative. He had the most beautiful face and intense eyes, and as I got in the elevator I saw him rushing towards it so I held it open for him.

Tension. Feels. I could feel myself getting sweaty. 

I realised we were in the same floor when I pressed '6' and he did nothing. Small talk. He was here on business. He asked if I were too, and I said a bit of both. Now I'm really shy when it comes to hot guys. I get all flustered and nervous and I seem to mumble and lose my ability to speak. But that night I seem to have pulled myself together. I was feeling the most empowered I've been in a while. I had the perfect day, my outfit was nice, heck my hair was nice, and my make-up? Well let's just say that red lipstick was giving me #empoweredwomanfeels. I introduced myself, we shook hands, and I seem to recall holding his gaze until the elevator dinged to say that we have arrived. The short elevator ride felt like the longest and shortest moment of my life at the same time.

We got off on the 6th floor and talked a bit more in the foyer. Our rooms were on opposite sides of the floor. All this time I had this song and this scene in my head. It felt serendipitous. What were the odds that the perfect day could happen? That I was stuck in traffic for a good twenty minutes because I left the event at that time? If I had been there a minute sooner or later, our paths wouldn't have crossed. 

I never saw elevator man again. In fact, I don't think I can remember his face in a sea of people. But everytime I put this lipstick on, I am reminded of that perfect day. Of that elevator ride. The feeling of giddyness and excitement and anticipation. Of life's little wonders and mysteries and how it's made up of a series of coincidences, moments and fragments of time that stays with us long after they've passed. 

Thank you, Bourjois, for gifting me this shade and Grand Cru (the other red pictured in this blog post)! It's funny how this isn't just a lipstick to me anymore. It's a little memento of a time in my life where it felt like perfect days existed and everything was serendipitous.

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