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Sunday, 17 August 2014

This is what Sundays are for

I think Sundays - particularly Sunday evenings - generally have a bad reputation. Almost as bad as Mondays. I mean, just look at Morrissey. He clearly identifies as a Sunday disliker.

Then there's this famous Peyton Sawyer quote from Season Two of One Tree Hill. Arguably one of the best shows of my teenhood and a must-watch if you want all the feels. 

And it was like that for me. Both in High School and when I was in an unsuitable job. I hated Sundays. I always tried to stretch it out as much as I could but at the back of my head, there was always that feeling of impending doom.

But not anymore. While I'm definitely in a better head space where I look forward to the week (it has a lot to do with the fact that I love my job) now, I know that the Sunday night feeling isn't an easy one to shake off. 

So it made sense to come up with this. I've never really done a regular feature on my blog before so I'm really excited! Sundays are meant to be fun. A day of resting and relaxing, reflecting on the week that's been, and planning for the week ahead. It's also part of my conscious effort to be more mindful and present in the moment. So what better way to do all this than to create a regular feature?

It's really simple. Just take a photo and complete the sentence "Sundays are for. . . " and if you want to play along, you can use the hashtag #sundaysarefor too. Especially if you're on instagram! Would love to see how Sundays are for you. 

I started it last week and will do one for today later on. But for now, snuggling under the covers will do. Happy Sunday xx

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