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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Ten Things - New Zealand Fashion Week Edition

I haven't done one of these in a while. Probably for the best to be honest, as I went through a period where I literally just did ten things on every post that I should have renamed my blog to that. LOL. So let's bring it back! Photos are from my phone. I clearly have a future in runway photography... if you want some blurry shots HMU. lal

1. The winter bugs seemed to have made an appearance over fashion week this year. I was powered by nurofen, otrivin, strepsils, and manuka honey for most of it that I feel like I should have gotten them to #sponsor me this year. LOL. I also felt like everyone's mum with a supply of all this in her bag (yes I carried the honey even because commitment) and handing out strepsils to those who need it. I distinctly remember the wonderful Apela Bell rushing past me in between shows and us only having time for a catch up hug. I bitched about how sick I was and offered him a strepsil. His face was like??? Seriously you have some?? It was glorious.

2. My outfits this year were all last minute and 100% recycled from my wardrobe. I didn't have time to pre-plan and think about it. Literally threw all this crap in my suitcase (I live in Auckland but stayed more central for the week) and hoped for the best.  I'm actually very proud of the fact that I did not buy anything new for a look and just rolled with what I've got. Hi, I'm Jess and I'm an outfit repeater.

3. I feel like I've been going on and on about the Lela Jacobs show but honestly it was more of an experience than a fashion show. It also blows my mind how out of all the seats in the house, I wound up next to Chrissy O, the first lady of vintage herself, and also one of the most fascinating humans ever.

4. Big big thank you to my friends Simon and Lio for hosting me in their apartment. I stayed with them for the week as their places was a 30 second walk from my work and a few minutes walk from most shows at the venue. They've been such lovely hosts - not giving a crap that I'd rock up midday and rush to get ready, leave my makeup in their sink, haul this massive suitcase in their living room, ask to keep borrowing the steamer (because when I threw all the clothes when I was packing I did not think about creasing and shit lol), and many more things that make me a #housepest more than a #houseguest. Thank you for making sure I had a warm bed and fluffy pillows, a blanket AND gadget chargers nearby, for giving me a call at 3:30 am when you realised I wasn't home yet and being worried as hell about me, and for playing Britney Spears while I got ready and zipping my dress up and telling me I had great legs. You guys are the best. Truly.

5. Speaking of people, this year I found myself flying solo to most things. I guess because going to fashion week was more of a last minute thing for me this year, and also in the past I was rocking up from Hamilton so always had people with, I just sort of rocked up alone and went with it. But like I said in this post, what always makes fashion week so memorable for me are the people I encounter along the way. It was so nice catching up with old friends in between shows, meeting new people (looking at my squad from the Huffer party. Benny, Hannah, Zakk, and Jess - you guys are the beesknees), and getting to know people you already know on a deeper level. Shoutout to my babes Angela from A Style Collector, Sophie from Nana Wintour, and Pascale and Nami (and Vicky!) from Serendipity Ave. What a good bunch.

6. Can we just take a minute to talk about how freaking amazing Not For You's music was at the New Generation show? A few years back at Wellington Fashion Week (RIP), I think it was Trelise Cooper who blew me away with her music selection and had me actually jamming along. Well, as discreetly as you can packed in front row with all of the peeps. But at new gen this year I got into it. I had a little boogie in my seat. Discreetly, of course. But not discreetly enough that someone from across the runway sent me a snap of it. Oh well. The models were definitely into it as they oozed swag down the runway. If it's good enough for them...

7. All my dreams have come true. The Madisons brought back #overheardatnzfw on a blog post and it's glorious. This was my favourite part of fashion week for years now and you can still see all the tweets here. Prepare for some LOL's.

8. Ended the week on such a high note after Huffer. I am completely besotted to millenial pink and red combos now! Also that after party. I haven't partied that hard since moving (actually a lie. It was the NZ Social Media Awards the week before fashion week and that was a big night too) and I've forgotten how much I love to party. I got down with the #youth and shit (is it still cool to get down nowadays? Asking for a friend) and ended the night with a celebratory Mcdonald's feed - cheeseburger combo, 20 pack chicken nuggets and all - and waited for an Uber outside Britomart. That was another mission and a half!

9. Absolutely loved being part of #teamthread! While I've occasionally written for Thread over the years, it was so nice to spend the week writing for her. I've forgotten how much I loved writing and stringing words together, and how much I thrive in fast paced environments. Once upon a time when I was a magazine editor, I lived for the rush of articles with a quick turnaround and writing about things as soon as it happened. Thank you, Megan, for the opportunity. I am so grateful!

10. Perhaps the best part of fashion week for me is the inspiration to create. To celebrate the art of it all. Because fashion is probaby my favourite form of art. Everytime I attended a show, I couldn't help but be in awe of the fact that I was literally stepping into someones vision and seeing that come to life. What an honour, that is. I wasn't going to go this year as I had just started a new job and didn't want to take time off work so I didn't register for delegation, so I'm truly humbled by the invites. Thank you to the designers. I've seen first hand what goes on behind the scenes, and know the hard work and time and effort and heart and soul that goes into a show so thank you for letting me be part of that. What an absolute privilege it is to be a tiny spectator in all of this.

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