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Monday, 4 September 2017

Huffer is #twodecadesdeep

I drunk texted myself at 4:41 am and said "Huffer puffer. We huffed and we puffed". Even in my intoxicated state, I was thinking about writing and I clearly wanted to make that pun happen. Hey, it's not my fault Huffer sounds like puffer. And boy were there puffer jackets for days. 

This was my last show for New Zealand Fashion Week this year so I was ready to go hard. This one had an after party and then an after after party! I haven't had a big night like that since moving to Auckland (actually no, I lie. The week before fashion week was the NZ Social Media Awards and that turned out to be a pretty big night too) and it felt so good to just dance like I was 18 again. The night ended with a delicious Mcdonald's feed and an uber mission to find a friend's car somewhere near the Silos. Top night. 10/10 would do it again. 

Full write up over on Thread NZ. Photo by Annupam. 

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