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Sunday, 27 August 2017

New Zealand Fashion Week: Favourite Memories Through The Years

With New Zealand Fashion Week just around the corner, I thought I'd reflect on my favourite personal moments from it throughout the years. It's been loads of fun so far and I think a lot of what makes it such a memorable experience for me are the people I've shared these weeks with.

I particularly remember skipping class and piling into a car with friends. We did a cute little roadtrip from Hamilton, and stopped by Mcdonalds at Huntly on the way because food > fashion. I think this was my first ever fashion week since moving to New Zealand in late 2009, and as I sat at the VIP lounge drinking all the bubbles I could (I believe I called it the 'bubs' on the blog too. Cringe ensues.), I not only drank the free booze, but drank in the moment as well. Also note this photo is very 2013 Instagram filter and I love it. 

Cirque Du Soleil opening NZFW'14. Monday afternoon and I was considering giving the opening party a miss but literally at the last minute, Ashton and I decided we were going after all! We left Hamilton just after 4, and miraculously made it to Auckland by 6:30! Cirque Du Soleil opened the week and I loved the combination how it was such a different way to celebrate the week. This is also the fashion week when I accidentally hugged Len Brown, Mayor of Auckland at the time. Oops.

For some reason, I always link everything back to food so that time Ashton and I ate at Miss Clawdy (and I stole a drink bottle with permission...) and I had a big rack of ribs after a fashion show is a highlight. LOL. This guy and I had many, many adventures involving fashion and I miss him so much! Ashton wore Jeffrey Campbell Lita's that night and I looked so short beside him walking around the viaduct!

That time this was the only outfit photo I took and it looks like something a CCTV camera took and I love it so much.

When my brother sat front row with me and all the photos we took looked hideous. So enjoy this blurry photo and my unfortunate outfit choice. Seriously, what even was I wearing tho? #illdobetternexttime

Last year was extra special as I got to experience the full spectrum of behind the scenes/backstage magic with Mitchell Vincent Collection. I loved working with my good friend Mitchell and the team, and it was the first time I worked on the other side of backstage - the helping put together a show bit - instead of backstage to interview designers and see a preview of the collection. It was such good insight to be able to do that and I'm so so grateful to have been able to experience that. So thank you, Mitchy!
The moment Jarrad Godman's first model came out  (I think I gasped or did something really extra like that lol) and her head was covered and the whole concept was so creative and theatrical and I fell in love with fashion all over again.

Technically the day after NZFW (I can't remember the year though. 2013? 2014? 2015?) when I accidentally looked like Kim Kardashian. This photo was taken by my friend Jacob Coutie, who coincidentally won the Emerging Designer award at Miromoda this year and will be making his NZFW debut this week. I'm super excited and super super proud!

Lastly, when I wore a $7 dress and got photographed in it. 

I'm late to the party but tonight I'm finally getting around to thinking about what I'm wearing this week. Might even slap on a cheeky face mask on and of course sleep very early. I have a feeling I'm going to need it. 

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