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Sunday, 23 July 2017

Oh, Sunday

Bacon sizzling in a cast iron frying pan. The smell of coffee lingering in the air. My favourite oversized white shirt to sleep in. The porridge is fluffy and creamy, the way it is when slow cooked on a stove-top. Sleepy eyes. Warm bed. Bare legs still hiding under covers. White sheets and feathery pillows, bed like a cloud. This song softly humming in the background, playing on repeat. Is there anything better than a Sunday morning?

P.S. am I the type of weirdo who take a million photos of their breakfast spread and post it in their blog? Yes. Yes I am. Because it's Sunday and my favourite thing to do aside from eat all day (#nom) is blog and catch-up on blogs. So here we are. Happy Sunday, friendly friends x

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