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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Birthday Wishlist

I feel like every wishlist I create are always just the same. Am I just predictable? Is this because I'm getting old? But seriously, I'm a bit of a birthdayzilla. I love birthdays! Birthday month, week, allday errday. Not this year, though. I turn 23 in 3 days and I have no plans also I got sick for like a week last month and since I've just started a new job, hello unpaid sick leave. Just my luck that it's being taken out in the paycycle that coincides with my birthday. So hello brokecity!

It doesn't matter anyway. I've been doing a lot of (over)thinking lately and basically I've really got more things than I could wish for and I don't need much. Most of my birthday wishes are not material things like getting taken out for lunch for my birthday during my lunch break from work. #freemeal

But I made this little collage anyway.

1. Eames chair for the studio to match my new desk
2. Nike Air Force 1
3. White instax + an abundance of film
4. Just Kids by Patti Smith - a book I have been wanting for ages and I might just have to get it for $26 on TradeMe
5. FLOWERS!!!!! Flowers make me happy. Last week, I was at an event at Amy's Flowers and they were giving away the most gorgeous GIANT bouquets and I really wanted to win it and I swear it was the most intense moment of my life waiting for the winner to be announced. I'm quite specific with my flowers and I want a bouquet of white ones - roses, peonies, daisies. Anything except lillies!
6. PLANTS!!!! Also spotted at Amy's Flowers was a gorgeous bouquet of sedum morganianums aka those pretty overgrown long succulent thingies. But really, a selection of plants both leafy and succulents would make me so happy.

Done. Now to send this to mum and dad. . . .

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  1. I would like to buy you all of these things, okay, bye x