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Monday, 6 October 2014


So apparently, "nobody likes you when you're 23".

At least according to Blink -82's "What's my age again?". There are only two songs as far as I know that talks about 23. That Blink-182 and "23" by Jimmy Eat World. Both depressing and really makes being 23 unappealing. 

Screw that. So far so good. Today has been so simple yet great and I can't wipe the smile off my face! I had what seemed like the fastest day at work. I started the day with an 8:30 am meeting, my workmates threw me a shared morning tea celebration and played that Blink-182 song while we were at it. I love being the office baby. I got to cross off one of the things in my long to-do list for the week before lunchtime so that was good.

I had lunch with someone really cool and I got flowers. It's white and in a white pot plant and he said he even researched how to make it look like that or something. And that made my day because flowers = happy and the effort was very much appreciated. 

My brother also surprised me with a magazine that he got for me with his own savings and my heart is literally bursting with happiness. I got the instax from my mummy and daddy, more flowers and pretty terrarium from Mandy, a card from my baby brother, and I bought myself a copy of my favourite Dr Suess book. 

Right now I am cuddled up in bed drinking tea from a mug full of cats (never too early to start being crazy cat lady) and wearing a floral pyjama shorts set. My mama is baking me a cake and my dad is bringing my favourite dish home. 

23 I like you already. 

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