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Sunday, 19 November 2017

The Fall Edit

On a scale of 1-10, how in denial am I that summer is coming? I'd say around 12... in denial enough to spend my Sunday morning tucked in bed and dreaming of layers and knits and mulled wine. Not even peony season can salvage me from my summer dread. COLD WEATHER 4 EVER.

Sleep ins in cold mornings, all the brunch you can eat, low ponytails tucked underneath turtleneck sweaters, jeans baggy and not hemmed. Little shearling booties and seedy red glasses. A touch of red lipstick on the mouth. The smell of pancakes and butter, syrup and bacon. 

Weekend brunches in Autumn are comforting and cosy. A sweater to keep you warm on the outside, coffee to warm you on the inside. 
Sipping into a delicate satin dress, chucking an old cosy knit jumper on top. Boots with the prettiest details, metallic red lipstick and a touch of highlight and lashes. Grab your keys and bag as you head out the door.

From drinking cocktails and listening to classics in an underground bar, walking down the neighbourhood and feeling the crisp Autumn air on your face, to grabbing takeaway from your favourite Chinese place before coming home to light candles, and pouring yourself a glass of red. Feel the satin in your skin, the knit to keep you cosy. Kick off your boots and sit cross legged on the couch.

Fall is for adventures that never end.

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