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Monday, 6 November 2017

Joy 2 The Wild: Spilling the tea on T2 Tea's Christmas Collection

It's ironic that I'm spilling the tea (if you've never heard of this expression before, here's a quick lowdown on this beautiful saying) on T2 Tea's Christmas Collection, but no tea was literally spilt in the making of this photo. And I'm really just bringing this up because I sent this photo to my tea loving friend Rachel and she said she's always wondered if I ever spill tea on my nice white sheets. The answer is no! I never spill tea (or coffee or juice) when in bed. Years of blogging and being lazy in bed with a drink has trained me for this.

Last Wednesday evening, I headed along to T2 on Queen Street for an exclusive preview of their Christmas Collection, Joy 2 The Wild. I thought I knew tea. I thought I loved tea. But as it turns out, I not only love tea, but I really really really love it! And I credit (blame? because now I'm addicted!) this epiphany to T2, really. Until that evening I didn't realise just how much tea variety is truly out there. How have I been living in a world without experiencing tea this way? 

As I entered the store, I was greeted by the lovely store manager Jess (great name!) and was offered a tea-infused cocktail. Now I've been looking forward to this since I got the email about the event and oh my goodness was that worth the hype. 
There was a table with little samples of T2's extensive collection just sitting there ready to be touched and smelled. I immediately fell in love with the New York Breakfast one because it smelt similar to the Creme Brulee one. I loved the display so much and had fantasies of doing a boomerang of myself being showered in these tea leaves, but I didn't want to risk being banned from the shop for all eternity because of the mess. So I carried on.
I made my way to where the limited edition Christmas teas were being served and struggled to decide which one to try first? Mulled Wine? Choc Molten Marvel? Do I want it cold? Hot? So many questions! I ended up starting with mulled wine which immediately made me nostalgic for Christmases spent in cold weather. But the good news is, is that I can confirm this tea is as good cold as it is hot. We were shown how to make cocktails with it, and the end result was so pretTEA that I forgot to 'gram because I was too engrossed in learning how to make it. 

The drinks kept coming and the teas kept getting topped up so after asking a few friends what they were drinking (I bumped into a few other bloggers that I follow, and it was so fun to finally get together IRL and enjoy the event together. Love those people who you feel like you've known forever even though you've just met!) and Christine recommended the Choc Molten Marvel.

Let's just say that after one sip, I was hooked. I kept drinking it for the rest of the night, alternating between hot and cold varieties of the same drink. It was so good! How pretty is that canister too?! I'm kind of sad that this is just a limited edition one and I have a feeling I'm going to be hoarding this before the season is over!
(Is this not me though?! Totally crackers!)
It was such a fun event and I think credit to that goes to the T2 team right here. You could tell that they genuinely had a passion for tea, and that they loved sharing this to us. I was that girl who just wouldn't bloody leave the store after the event finished (it was for a good reason I swear! I wanted to take photos and it was easier to do without having to navigate a crowd!) and it was so nice to just hang out, listen to music (there may have been some dancing), and share a few laughs. We even joked that I fit right into the team with my all black ensemble, and I told them I didn't want to ever leave. Here's a cute group photo of us! Are we a band or just tea lovers? Who knows. How babe'n is this team, though? Thank you Jess, Sabina, David, Lee, and Jenny for a really lovely evening!

I did leave eventually, but not before grabbing a gift that T2 have generously given us free reign to choose from their holiday gift sets. I actually spent a lot of time deciding, looking at the Christmas range several times, asking so many questions (bless you, David, for your patience!), before choosing the glass travel mug with the gold lid. I am obsessed with this mug! I actually fell in love with it a few days before the event when I got a cheeky sneak peek of the new collection, so really it comes as no surprise that I took this baby home with me. I mean, look at it!!!
I can even take it to work with me! And it comes with its own infuser, which is also the perfect size to use on any mug/glass that I already have lying around here. 

T2 says "the festive season is the perfect time to connect, not just with ourselves and each other, but with the natural world that surrounds us" and I think that sums up not just the Christmas collection, but what makes tea so great in general. I love that the simple act of making tea forces me to slow down, even for just a few minutes on a busy day, as I wait for it to brew and I love it even more when I share a cuppa with a friend. 

Joy 2 The Wild is available from the 8th of November and tbh I'll probably see you in store because I live there now. I'm the one hoarding all the Choc Molten Marvel one! Let's grab a cuppa, yeah? 

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