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Sunday, 29 October 2017

Ten Things | October Edition

1. That first sip of coffee in the morning though... I found myself extremely dependent on coffee last week. I love coffee, but could never drink too much of it as I get the shakes. But last week I was just so tired everyday and have discovered the coffee machine at work does a delicious mocha. So I've been sipping that liquid gold twice a day and I feel like I finally get the coffee obsession that this country has. And I'm really looking forward to tomorrow so I can have my mocha!

2. Speaking of tired, I know that part of the reason for that is because my schedule is currently out of whack. I need to get myself into routines again because the next couple of weeks before Christmas is going to be so busy. I wrote about why routines are good for you and gave some tips on how to create your own routine too.

3. Oh, and I'm super excited to be a regular contributor for Kimberley Crossman's website. I love her work and she is honestly one of the loveliest people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. Her website has all sorts of content that is right up my alley, so have a nosy if you want.

4. This weekend was for quality catch-ups with friends and family. I had my good friend Abby visit me from Hamilton and I honestly have missed her presence in my life. We went from seeing each other daily to this! I am missing out on seeing her bump grow and having the best chats over coffee. Afterwards I went to hangout with my cousin JC who was visiting from Wellington. He did the marathon today so yesterday we spent the day going around Takapuna and eating lots. We also went shopping where I didn't buy anything butI got to pick out clothes for him so it felt like I did. ANd I didn't even have to spend. Such a win win.

5. My girl MADEIRA's song, 'Manipulator', was featured in the latest episode of Riverdale and it's all very exciting. The last time I remember a NZ artist was playing on an American TV show was with Zowie in Pretty Little Liars years ago, I think? There is nothing I love more than seeing my friends succeed and pursue what they love so big congrats to you Kim and the rest of the team. I've always been fascinated by songs in shows and movies so I'm stoked to hear such a familiar voice on a TV series like Riverdale.

6. I spent the day in bed today. I was working but at least I was in bed. Starting to feel the burnout from working and being connected all the time so I think self-care will be prioritised as much as I can this week.

7. How I know I'll make a good mother: I came home the other night quite late and noticed that my big fiddle leaf fig in the lounge was looking kinda sad and droopy so I stroked it and said out loud "bitch is you dying" before watering it. I mean. Parenting skills right there. Anyone have any advice on how to keep a fiddle leaf fig alive?

8. THIS IS EVERYTHING. That white robe. I want to marry that robe.

9. I always feel a bit disappointed when accounts I admire do the ol' follow unfollow trick. Like, fair enough, we are entitled to unfollow who we want if we don't like their content... but some accounts make themselves visible to you and like your stuff before unfollowing. It makes me sadder when it's stuff I actually like and respect. But oh well. Social media is funny, and I think we all need a reminder sometimes that it's not the be all and end all. Validation and self-worth shouldn't come from it, and at the end of the day just focus on doing you boo. And if I haven't said it yet, if you're following me on any social media or even reading this at all, thank you. I really appreciate your time x

10. What I meant to say: I've ridden with you before.
      What I actually said: I've ridden you before. 

AYYYEEE UBER WHAT'S GOOOOOD! And that is the state of things. 

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