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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Meet Girlboss Jess Molina | Serendipity Ave

"You’ll dream bigger dreams, and experience great pain and failure. But you know what? At 21 you will become a magazine editor, just like you’ve always dreamed of. The first time you see your magazine in a shop, you will cry as you hold it in your hands. Seeing it there, beside your favourite magazine titles, is a magazine you helped created. And you will fail at that. 3 years later and the magazine will collapse. You’ll be devastated for months, until you realise that your publication closing down is what needed to happen to make way for your biggest dream.  You’ll host a national TV show that recognises you as an influential person in your adopted country and you’ll be heavily involved in writing the script. You’ll even see yourself in a popular TV series. You’ll realise that your purpose in life is to tell stories."

What an honour to be interviewed by the babes over at Serendipity Ave as part of the Girlboss series on their blog. I talked about still not having a boyfriend at 26, my guilty pleasure, and cried as I wrote a letter to my 15-year-old self. Read the full interview here.

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