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Monday, 2 October 2017

Life Lately | September Edition

Just a little life update. Here is September's roundup!

Life lately is an exceptionally awful September. So much so that we have started calling it Shitember

Oh it was the gift that kept on giving. Shit after shit after shit, and it felt like every time I took a step forward I was knocked off my feet and pushed 3 steps back. It was hard for me and my family with five of them hospitalised and two unfortunately not making it. I was constantly sick and things were so rough that until now I still can't believe that happened. 

But on the last day of Shitember, I aired out my flat, opened all windows, let the sunshine in (I literally never do this as I’m not a big sunshine fan). I cleaned and vacuumed and scrubbed (anyone else get satisfaction from scrubbing grime from the bathroom?) until my shower was so clean I could probably eat off it. That Saturday was for fresh sheets, a long shower, a tall glass of wine, and eating lots of chips with kiwi onion dream. Basically a fitting end to such a crap month. I ushered in the new month with a hopeful heart and a crapton of wine. For all its crap though, September did bring some wonderful things with it (thank you for that). So life lately is...

Weekend brunching with my best friend and discovering new places. I have found the best french toast in Auckland (big call, I know, but someone's got to do it) and it's available on Uber eats. 

Discovering that my room actually is a pretty good source of light and thus a great location for flatlays. I took out my Chanel collection and like a madman stared at it for ages against that pretty light.

Writing. Plenty of it. Although I'm running behind on a lot of my writing work and creative projects, I've been writing for myself. There is something so therapeutic about writing for yourself, not caring if you make sense or now... it's not like anyone will ever see it. 

Election night craziness. Simon came around and we watched the TV coverage together. We ate cake and live tweeted and bitched (because of you can't bitch with your gay best friend, who else can you bitch with?)

A new haircut after cancelling my appointment several times (yeah, thanks for that September). I go to Louise from Servilles Newmarket and I'm convinced she is a hair wizard of some sorts.

Going to the prettiest media event as Propel Brands threw the most wonderful soiree to celebrate MOR's Summer 17/18 and Holiday Gifting launch. I dream about that grazing table constantly, and I love that we got to go on a 'sensory experience' with each of MOR's range. 

Realising that the marble floors in my office make for the perfect backdrop for outfit details if you don't mind people staring at you doing awkward poses to get a good photo. 

A breakthrough in the novel I’ve been writing for years that I keep getting stuck on. But last week being at my lowest gave me a lot of thinking and reflecting and figuring shit out. Then I got to work. I turned all this into the missing element my story was lacking, and a lot of my questions about character motivations etc have now been answered and I feel a sense of clarity and flow and a reinvigorated energy for the story.

Life lately is resilience and tenacity and showing up everyday no matter what life throws at you. Thank you to my nearest and dearest for keeping me sane. The best thing that’s come out of this is realising who is there when it counts. And I’m so so so lucky to see the people ready to fight in my corner. Ever grateful. 

Here's to a better month! Happy October, friends. 

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