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Saturday, 30 September 2017

L'assiette: The best french toast in Auckland

I'm calling it now. L'assiette in Britomart does the best French toast in Auckland. Unsurprising because the French really do know their food! I've consumed many french toasts in my life, but nothing compares to this.

Their Pain Perdu (French toast) is definitely enough reason to check this place out alone. I find that a lot of places seem to overcompensate by dousing the bread in a shitload of syrup, but this one didn't. It had the perfect bread to syrup ratio, and the bread is thicc and fluffy. It's served with a cinnamon creme fraiche and poached pear, and rest assured I ordered bacon to go with it.

The wonderful team at L'assiette treated me to breakfast for two but since I was alone, I ate for me and my inner bitch instead. I wanted something savoury to complement the pain perdu, so I opted for the La galette de pommes de terre with portobello mushrooms on the side, a generous portion of potato & herb hash, crispy and delightful with poached egg and hollandaise. The presentation of the food was so pretty so I of course took extreme close-up photos of them.
The coffee was lovely too. How can it not be when you have Tumai behind the coffee machine? I've been enjoying Tumai's coffee and chats ever since he was a barista in Hamilton. I love his style and sassiness and how he makes your day brighter before you take your first sip of coffee on the day! Fun fact: Tumai was spotted by Queen Beyonce's photographer during her show a few years back, and a photo of him was featured on Bey's blog! Queens recognising queens. 
A trip to L'assiette is always such a treat. I'm a big fan of their french onion soup and boeuf bourguignon and crepes (they make the nutella crepe in front of you and is so so good) too. Location wise, L'assiette is conveniently located in Britomart so you know the temptation is so real to come in every day before work. More of a weekend bruncher? Don't fret. They are open 7 days a week so you can satisfy your craving everyday if you must. Oui!

Merci beaucoup, L'assiette. Au revior for now!

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