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Monday, 16 January 2017

Life lately is...

... looking at pictures of my flower arrangements in December because my hay fever is at an all-time high (first time I've ever really had this tbh) and this is the closest I can get. Leaky noses and itchy eyes and sore necks. A big room clearout - three years worth of stuff to be more precise. Clothing, books, paperwork, stuff. Gone! I still have my accessories, shoes, crap (??) under the bed and above my closet to sort but we are slowly getting there. Reading lots and lots of books in my new cosy little reading nook. Missing peony season. Reflecting, writing, and more reflecting. There are so many questions popping up, getting deep about the whys and the hows. I'm not going to lie it's been quite daunting, frustrating, and exhausting. An overall feeling of being lost but taking it a day at a time. 

But life lately is also... 

Lots of laughter and great friends. Ginger the cat bringing a smile to my face everyday. Evenings spent with my family watching a movie while having dinner. Surrounding myself with music that saves and turning the volume louder to drown out the noise. Talking to an actor you admire on a Monday evening after one of the biggest nights of their careers. Writing those resolutions and goals. Watching Scandal from Season 1 again and being in awe of Shonda's work even more (Can we talk about Tony Goldwyn being the best #POTUS we've never had? Also am I the only one who thinks him and Mellie should stay together?). Getting excited for a friend's wedding. Going through a French phase so I've attempted to assemble a cheeseboard and read books/watch movies set in Paris. Oui. 

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