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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Pure Magic

Magical friends who surprises you with a custom made top he designed for you. Mitchell showed up to our catch-up last week and said he made me a little something. That 'little something' turned out to be the most gorgeous top I've ever had the pleasure of wearing! A break from my usual black outfit choices, this beautiful white cotton top is everything. All volume (several comments of #sleeveenvy on Instagram and I, too, am feeling the #sleeveenvy while wearing said sleeve), structure, and movement - the kind of item you want to twirl around in all day. In fact, I actually did.

Thank you, Mitchy, for making me feel so fabulous! It's been ages since I felt that way. You know how sometimes you can get stuck in a wardrobe rut? That's how I've been feeling. It doesn't help that I have a closet full of stuff and I don't know what's in there anymore. I probably only use about 20% of my wardrobe right now. Time to konmari the shizznit out of my closet. Who wants clothes?!

As if Friday couldn't be more fabulous... I was  fortunate enough to be treated to a relaxing facial at my local Chanel. I met skin specialist Inez who has been with Chanel for over 20 years, working in both Paris and London stores before continuing her journey in Australia and New Zealand. I nearly fell asleep during the hand massage part tbh. After my treatment, the lovely Jess who manages Chanel in Hamilton, worked her magic on my face. She did my birthday make-up (which I must blog about soon!) and is my go-to person for make-up. On Friday she used this gorgeous green eye shadow on me and pink lipstick. Colours I'd never pick but she made it work so well that I instantly fell in love with it!

Ended the night with a glass of bubbles at my favourite hideaway with a book in hand before heading home to watch the new Gilmore Girls, full make-up and all that! Pure magic. 

Photos of me taken by Mitchell. 

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