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Friday, 2 January 2015

So I've learnt my first lesson this year

So it looks like I may have learnt my first lesson of 2015. This one is about time. Because the problem with us, and I think it's inherent in human nature, is that we think we have time. So we put things of, we think we could just do things tomorrow, or the next time. I don't think we value time enough, or realise just how little we've got in the grand scheme of things.

Case in point: I've been away on holiday since Monday and every night (except for New Years Eve when rain poured continuously throughout the whole night) I have been lying outside at night looking at the sky. Waiting for the stars to come out, watching the clouds pass by, and observing how the moon moved in the sky. Last night, when my friend Michael went to bed just after midnight, I contemplated whether or not I should head to bed too. I wanted to stay longer and listen to music, but then I thought, I could just do it tomorrow because I couldn't be bothered going through the effort of standing up, finding my earphones, and lying down again. Long story short, I did it anyway, and I was lying there with Alice the dog on my chest, listening to that one song I wanted to listen to while looking up at the sky, and felt so happy that I couldn't stop smiling the whole time.

And today our trip was cut a day shorter than planned. I thought I had one more night on holiday, stargazing, listening to music, cuddles with the dog. And so I think this is my first lesson this year. Stop procrastinating. Stop putting things off. Do it now. Tomorrow is never guaranteed. And I'm so glad I had that moment last night, looking up at the sky, with music pumping in my ears, and a dog cuddled closely beside me. Loving this year already!

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