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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Wellington Fashion Week Day 2

Bedtime: How I think I look vs How I actually look

Took me and Steph a while to realise that For Every Minute is a lounge and sleepwear brand. The robes and the flimsy capes we would actually love to wear out. Oh well.

Wellington Fashion Week Day 2. Actually I lie. This is just the #WFW14 evening show edition because I did a separate post on Ruby | Liam and I haven't even talked about Highnoontea yet! Anyway, the highlights:

Annah Stretton made this beautiful white dress and I like it very much.

MALE MODELS! MALE MODELS LOOKING LIKE PREPPY ENGLISH BOYS! *starts playing it's raining men as background music*

Someone help me do this to my hair please!

Reminds me of teardrops #emo

Ok it's official: Trelise gets me. The studs, prints, and creepers teamed with this. THIS

Today in my bestfriend is a babe. . . Steph looking a bit 90s with some neon thrown in there.

"I wore this beanie so you can't see my eyes when I look at the catwalk"
"Umm. . . yeah nah, we can definitely see your eyes"

These pants are my new HG. It's sheer, it's baggy, it's black. I think we have a winner here!

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