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Friday, 11 April 2014

The Dreamers|Perception RUBY & Liam AW 14

This is embarrassing to admit but heaps of the photos turned out quite blurry because I was too busy ogling at the clothes, trying to bob my head to the music (is it morally wrong to dance in my seat at a runway show?), and take photos. 

Nevertheless, I had such a blast at the Ruby & Liam AW 14 show that at the end of the evening, I wanted to take all of the clothes home with me (of course I didn't because that is called stealing and is illegal in most places)! Check out some of the highlights from the show:

I don't think it's eavesdropping per se, but the conversations I've overheard so far had a lot of "Are you going to the Ruby and Liam show?" or  had "ruby" and "liam" being thrown in sentences. I guess it's safe to say that the Ruby & Liam AW 14 show was one of the highly anticipated events of this week. 

And righteously so. 

The event, held at the newly opened Prefab hall, was a perfectly suited venue to add that extra vibe so the audience got a better feel of who the Ruby | Liam girl was. As I was running a bit late, the place was fully packed by the time I got there. Yet another proof of how many people were raring to see the collection! 

I was shown my seat, got ready for the show, and before I knew it the first look from Liam's Perception was out. I am all about the whites at the moment, and with certain kind of flow in the garment and intricate lace detail, I am sold. 

Then there was Ruby. I felt like The Dreamers is such an accurate title because after seeing the whole collection, I was definitely dreaming of wearing it all! Until now, I am still undecided as to which was my favourite piece. In true Ruby fashion, each item was wearable, easy to style, and effortlessly stunning.

Oh what a lovely way to spend an evening! 

The first Ruby winter arrivals are out today. Check it out here

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