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Thursday, 12 November 2015

Ten Things

1. I am living for days like today where it's dark and cold outside (forever in denial that sun and summer is coming) again that I can wear my favourite lounge pants and knitwear, drink piping hot tea while working from the comforts of my bed. This is where I am most creative. When I am in my zone, music playing really loud, notebook and laptop in hand. I've been pulled to an exciting project at work and will be doing that for the next three weeks. I needed this quiet time to plan it all and I am buzzing right now I'm telling ya!

2. I posted my first ever beauty post  I had so much fun doing it that I can't wait to do more beauty blogging! So stoked to have finally caught the beauty bug. About bloody time!

3. I don't know if it's just me, but I am now more than ever aware that life is too short. I keep getting little reminders of it (that are not always pleasant, sadly) to just appreciate the now, appreciate the people around you, to do things that sets your soul on fire to the point you have butterflies in your stomach, and tell the people you love that you love them RIGHT NOW FOR GOODNESS SAKE. There's so much love to give and pass on. Do it. Live with love. Always with love. There's no better time than now.

4. THIS THOUGH. Finally someone said it. I posted it across my social media accounts the other day and I was so surprised by the amount of people that reacted to it. I used to shy away from posting anything 'controversial' or even opinions about issues but not anymore. These are the kinds of conversation we should be having and encouraging.

5.  Before work today, I went for coffee and breakfast with my mama and then to Miss Daisy for some flower fix after. Perfect start to the day.

6. I can't stop listening to this song. I loved it as a kid (it came out 17 years ago. 17. What the actual heck?!) and I remembered it the other day and have not stopped hitting 'replay' since. All kinds of feels. I feel automatically loved up the minute I hear the opening riff.

7. Steph is in town and we had a very lovely catch-up just like the old times.

8. Umm what? I'm using terms like 'the old times' while nostalgically thinking about the days of our youth already?!

9. These pants from Supre are actually the beesknees. I almost didn't get them but I'm glad I did. The first ever pair of sweatpants I willingly wore in public! They're so comfy and soft and basically I don't want to ever take them off. I love wearing them casually or layering them for a more 'put together' look.

10. It just started raining and the air outside is so cold. As if today couldn't be more amazing!

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  1. I love lists like this. And i love the grey pants you have on in your photo. They look like heaven comfy.

    Tillie @ Hello Tillie. x