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Thursday, 2 April 2015

Because it was double denim day

SQUAD GOALS! Today was double denim day over at School of Media Arts and I had the pleasure of picking 2 winners for the best denim outfit. It was a hard choice but Brendan and Taylor took home the swag today. Luckily we had everyone pose on the steps for a totally awesome double denim family photo. P.S. y'all looked good! I vote for more themed dress up days just because.

Afterwards, we took the opportunity to turn our lunch break into a quick photoshoot because this is like totally gnarly, right? The lockers were the perfect setting for it and just like that we went straight back into the 80s/90s circa teen sitcoms. Saved by the bell perhaps?

Shout out to Sam for this rad double denim opportunity! And to the cool cats Khayt and Simon for posing with me, and Christina for the photos. Today was all that and a bag of chips! 

P.S. Here's the ultimate denim power video (and one of my favourite songs to dance in my bedroom too)

Stay rad! *peace out*

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