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Monday, 27 October 2014


The weekend has been all sorts of magical. Sunday was spent waking up at 11 am and then having a nap straight after that, getting up for food and then taking a nap before dinner. Bliss. The real highlight, though, was Saturday. 

Went to Auckland with my good friend Michael for the day. Explored and wandered, ate way too much, sat outside in a beautiful little pub with fairylights, plants, and sunshine while I wrote, and he sketched beautiful fashion ideas, and talked. We danced to Rihanna at 6 pm, sun still out and all, in my new favourite hideaway in K road. But the highlight for me was dinner. Where I articulated the things that were alive in my head. The thoughts I have never said out loud until then, over meatballs and a peanut butter shake. I felt my soul feel more alive as the words came out, and I knew that from this point on that conversation we had will always be a turning point in my life. We danced the night away, celebrated life and magic over mocktails before leaving the city a little after midnight.

On the way back home, I stared at the stars and felt small. And big. And full of possibilities. And hope. I felt infinite. 

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