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Saturday, 30 August 2014


I bought my first pair of sweatpants and subsequently changed my life. Had the best sleep in, ever so slightly opened my window to let fresh air in, and have been binge watching The Mindy Project since last night! After a crazy week (alternating my days between Auckland and back) full of passion, great people, and work, I cannot be more excited that it's the weekend. 

Maybe I'll get some writing done, clean my room (I should really...), or do some sketching. Possibly make a mixtape and turn it up real loud. I might even watch a movie, make terrariums, finally update the blog with photos from the week, and cut up old magazines to make a moodboard. Or maybe not. I may or may not even get out of bed or these sweatpants for that matter. That's the beauty of weekends like this. You're free to just be.

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