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Monday, 18 August 2014


I insisted on a 7 AM start today. As in, "let's do coffee at 7 in the morning in one of our local cafes" type of meeting. I seem to forget that it's Winter and that the cold weather makes it extra harder to get out of a warm bed. Once you do manage to get ready, you leave the house and realise it's actually foggy and dark outside. This is the part where you should question your sanity. Luckily Naomi agreed. Unwillingly, perhaps, but she showed up nonetheless.

We talked magazine and shoots. We planned ahead. We made to-do lists. We ate breakfast (bagels yuuum). We had hot drinks. By the time I got to my work desk at 8 AM, I've felt so energised and productive already! First day back at work today after being out of action for a week due to this nasty viral infection I seem to have caught. It was good. Workmates still called me germy. It's endearing and makes my heart melt. 

Also today I have decided to be a blogger again! Woohoo. Hence the celebratory selfies above. Plus my lipstick and choker game was strong so I kind of had to. 

Tonight was spent making an elaborate roast beef dinner, some more work, replying to emails/neglected messages, and now in bed with a warm cup of milk with a bit of honey listening to this

Welcome to oblivion. 

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