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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Bing, Harris, & Co launches Womenswear aka that time I had a cider while shopping

On the list of things I enjoy, cider and shopping would be pretty up there. I never really thought about how much more enjoyable cide and shopping would be together until I walked into Bing, Harris, & Co yesterday.

Ok I admit it. Bing, Harris, & Co is one of those stores that I would go into often even though I had no purpose there at all. It was a mens store and clearly I am not shopping for any guys at this point in my life. But the clothes though. . . the clothes are exquisite. Walking in there always made me want to be a man just so I could wear all their beautiful clothes.

I am not averse to cross-dressing (by that I mean wearing mens stuff like oversized tees etc) and in fact Scarlet (absolute fave person ever) and I even bought matching bandanas from there the other day. The good news is that now I don't have to lust over pretty man clothes because their womenswear range is so on point!

The shopping experience was fab (there was a DJ in the store and I had cider. It was a party in there) and I fell in love with the Albion Track Pant (pictured above) straight away that I knew I couldn't leave the store without it. These are just some of the pieces that I really want too. The Birchfield Chambray Shirt is next on my wishlist and from my previous entry here, I think it would work well with the sweatpants.

Thanks to the staff at Bing, Harris, & Co. and their awesome manager Scott for being so lovely and helpful. I shall return.

Check out Bing, Harris, & Co online here. 


  1. London, London, London! Haha :P

    The clothes are beautiful though, I'll agree with you there! xx

  2. I'll be wearing the track pants on the plane ride to London! Hahaha. It's perfection I actually want everything xx