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Friday, 6 September 2013

Crooked Seven

Thursday afternoon at NZFW kicked off with The BMW New Generation Show held at the Westpac shed. The show featured Beverly Riverina, Nara Paz, and Crooked Seven and it was a treat to see three very different collections in one show. I cannot count how many times I looked at my friends sitting beside me and saying "I'd wear that!" throughout the show. After the show, I just wanted to skip Spring/Summer and just jump straight to Autumn/Winter 2014. It was stunning.

At the end of the show designer Alexis Komene of Crooked Seven took home the $5000 prize from BMW and righteously so. Her show was cohesive from the models overall look down to the music choice, and it added to the overall vibe. Definitely an emerging designer to look out for and I cannot wait to see where she takes the brand! I am seriously lusting over the cobalt blue maxi dress and the sheer black dress!

 Below are some photos of the collection, "Only by the night", taken by SVDH Photography.

Find Crooked Seven here.
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